Slow issue fixed?

I think you need to pick EITHER Power Reporting Value OR Power Reporting %. I just did a test with a Zooz switch, and it doubled the reports per second when I had both enabled. I would guess that you should leave the Power Reporting Value at 25W, and turn on "No Reports" for Power Percentage.

Edit to say: it looks like you still have way too many reports, look at the time intervals on both your screen captures.


I am seeing slow downs every week or so. Here is my set up. I have three hubs and one Raspberry Pi running HubConnect proxy. Two of the hubs, one in the house and one in an outbuilding have all of my Zigbee and Z-Wave devices paired to them. No rules, no apps what so ever except what is needed for HubConnect which is a single app and device driver. The third hub has the Zigbee and Z-Wave radios turned off. I have all cloud devices, rules and apps on this hub. All Zigbee and Z-Wave devices from the other hubs are connected to this hub via HubConnect.

From a previous discussion in this thread with @csteele I decided that next time I had a slow down as measured from a motion rule, in a walk in closet, to turn on the light; that I would boot the hubs one at a time to narrow things down a bit. This closet light is where I notice the slow down most. This light goes from turning on instantly as the closet door is opening to me in the closet wandering around in the dark for 3 or 4 seconds. Well this morning I saw the slow down, so I rebooted the hub that had the switch and motion paired to it. I let things settle down a bit and walked in the closet. No change. The delay was still there. Then I rebooted my rule hub and the slow down went away.

My conclusion based on this experiment is that it is apps, rules or cloud devices that are causing the slow down, not Zigbee or Z-Wave devices.


I've got a similar setup, and I believe that there is some sort of "resource leak" happening due to z-wave commands, or external (i.e. internet) calls.
This has been going on for the better part of a year now.
I reboot daily, but I shouldn't have to...


To note, so that anyone reading this know where I've gone:

After approaching this issue from many different angles (including hardware), I have come up with an approach which has helped me (at least so far).

  1. After finding that Rule Machine was slowing down during the day, I simplified the key rules that I use many times during a day.
  2. I simplified them so that I could make use of Simple Automation, not Rule Machine. In some instances 1 RM = 2 or 3 SA. This way, I replaced 4 or 5 RM rules with a number of SA's (and other built in programs).
  3. So far, there has been no slowdown in any SA rule.
    So, while my RM rules are still slowing down (I think), the key rules that I use often during the day are as snappy as ever - in SA.
    Now, if they ever make SA just a little more powerful, I can replace even more RM.
    By the way, I also use motion lighting, and notifications, to also replace RM rules.
    Sometimes, I even use a combination of SA, Notifier, etc. to replace RM.
    The key point is that those rules that need to be executed fast - are moved out of RM to other places.
    It's not that RM isn't great - there are many automations that I can only do in that tool, but make sure that those things that you keep in RM don't have to be executed instantaneously.

Has anyone tried version 2.2.0 yet to see if this version resolves any issues reported in this thread?

I'm starting to wonder now about Rule Machine.

I didn't start having slowdowns until recently after I combined all my multiple button rules into one button device rule per switch. When I had separate rules (usually 10 rules per switch), everything seemed to be faster. Now that these 10 rules are all in one button device rule, things keep slowing down and I need a reboot. Maybe I should spend a few hours and put them all back as individual rules like I had them before.

Have you looked at @stephack's amazing Advanced Button Controller (ABC) app? I have been using it for years with zero issues.

If you're starting over, it may be worth a look.


Me too.. simply excellent. I've used it since 2018 on Hubitat.

I recently went though and replaced all my Rule 2.0/2.5 with 3.0 (I found the new 4.0 to be way too complicated and not intuitive, so I stuck with 3.0).

In doing so I also migrated a bunch of my rules to the built in Notifier, Simple Lighting, etc apps. I've found operations that were moved out of RM to the built-in apps respond much faster then they ever did with RM. I also find my hub to be more stable and not in need of a reboot as often.

Maybe it was moving off the old RM2.0/2.5 or moving to different built-in apps, but either way I'm much happier now (and so is my hub).



Now, sometimes there are some complicated situations that can only be addressed by RM 4 with all of it's power and sophistication. Some people here have found that even that isn't enough, and have moved their rules to Node-Red on an external box.
However, (and this depends on your own personal situation), you should try and make your rules as simple as possible - as Bruce said on the last Hubitat live - KISS!

What do you mean by this? Multiple buttons all in one rule or one button device with its inputs in one rule? I have loads of these all really complex and I don't have any issues.

Using "button device" as apposed to individual rules per "button". Things got noticeably slower for me when I switched over to using the "button device"

Can you show us a example of your rule? Realistically there should be no difference in the 2. The singles only fire on each event and the multiple one still only fires on each event. The device shouldn't be doing multiple button events at the same time so there should be no difference.

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Why do you need an example? I'm just stating my experience, I have no need to prove myself.
You can set up a "button device" yourself and test if you need proof.

I have converted most of my multi-button switches over to button device. I have about 20 set up now. Makes the rule machine section look a lot smaller now with only 20 different "rules" instead of the 200 individual rules I had for the same amount of buttons before.

I'm wondering if it's having trouble with the large button device rules running on every button press vs only needing to run simple little ones each time before. I don't know how rule machine works internally so this could be totally wrong.

It's always possible that something else I did around the same time caused it (updated some drivers, installed some app), but most additional apps I tried have since been removed and I don't think I updated that many drivers.

I do have button devices loads of them and mine are fine so wanted to see if we could see why you have a issue. It may be something wrong on the rule.

As I said before it shouldn't make a difference because it only runs the part of the rule for that event. I would assume it's abit like a case statement so nothing else gets touched.

Possible, that's why I wanted to see a example of a issue one just to rule RM out.


Most, if not all, of my button devices just have each button setting a smart bulb or a few to a certain brightness and/or color.

Thanks that is good to know. Then it must be something else I guess.

It really boggles me that the hubitat team hasn't at the very least allowed us to see a simple ps list of the device to assist in tracking this issue down. It would be better than us stuck with this issue for the past year and no fix from them (frustration talking). Almost makes me want to attempt to hack in to it myself.

I read it as @BorrisTheCat was just trying to help you by asking to see your Rule because he thinks he’s got a similar use case and is not seeing any issues on his HE.
You’ve found your own solution.
No problem.


There is no need for toxic responses @njanda.

Chill dude.


Same here....going back to HA.