Slow Hub

Anyone experiencing rules not firing or states not updating in your hub? Mine seems like a hot mess as of late and I can't figure out why. If someone can advise me where I should start with this, I'd appreciate any input. Very random things. I have lights that followed a rule and turned on, but show off in the device page in HE. Once I start clicking in to see what's going on, then everything updates. So I'm no further along with finding out the problem.

Any custom apps/drivers? You can turn them off and see if improves. I had an issue and it was a custom driver flooding my telnet...turned of the driver, boom, everything is normal.

Only a few, I'll turn them off and see if there's improvement. Problem is it's so random. And I'm not seeing a ton of traffic. Leads me want to be able to turn on logging for all apps in one button. Would be nice.

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Any new apps or devices?
Drop support an email and they can pull the logs for you to see if there is any obvious errors.
The logs donโ€™t always lead you to the problem but can help sometimes.


Already sent 2 tickets. One a few minutes ago. Nothing is standing out. I hope they check again.

@Cobra, do you know ... could a rule manager rule be the cause? The only real thing changed recently was some rules. I straightened a few of them out, by removing an old webcore habit that shows like "if the light is on" then turn it off. So that would have to be met before the rule fired to turn that light off "if" it was on. If not on then the rule evaluates to false and nothing happens. Think that could be anything? I wouldn't think so, but things started getting crazy right after that. It was affected this morning, and after we came home from dinner this evening. Both times, clicking into hubitat has fixed the lack of interaction.