Slow Down 'Speak on'

Per TTS ... speed control? - #19 by rcjordan

it would be nice to have a way to decrease/increase the speed of Hubitat's TTS 'Speak on'.

A drop down with the rate options ( x-slow, slow, medium, fast, x-fast) would be great.

Not sure if you are aware that the speak is ran through Amazon SSML, many options are available and slowing the rate of speaking is one of them.

So no dropdown, but here is what I have done to slow down the speaking.
Example with my Sonos speaker I have hubitat let me know when a door opens and do a speak:

> "<prosody rate="slow">Front Door, Open</prosody>"

Here is a link to their tags so you can experiment with.

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So how are you entering "<prosody rate="slow">Front Door, Open</prosody>" into the Message to Send field without the HTML tags being stripped?

Webcore. And enter it in as an expression

I dont use rule machine becuse of that and other issues.