Slow/buggy scene execution

Hello all,

I'm trying to get a decent scene/routine system on the go, currently using z wave fibaro dimmer 2's. They operate very fast when simply switching them individually, however when using rule machine or scene manager in conjunction with a virtual momentary switch, doing 7 at once (Downstairs Lights Off) they are unbelievably slow to turn off, like 10 seconds or more. I didnt have this problem when doing the same action (routines) on ST. I've found up to 3 work fine but more than that this problem crops up.

Any ideas on how to resolve this please?

Thanks, Dave.


Anyone? :confused:

Release 1.1.4, which is currently in final testing should help with that.

Okay great, thanks. At least i now know it's not just me missing something silly.

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