Sliding gate Z-wave module - FIBARO NICE BIDI-ZWAVE (IBT4ZWAVE)

For documentation and community knowledge.

As some of you may know Fibaro was recently bought by a company named NICE which focus on entrance gates, shutters and automations.

They released together a product called Bidi-Z-wave which is actually a z-wave interface to the Nice gate motor.

The advantage of using this product is that it works in parallel to the RF remote control you get with he gate and it fits to a specific adapter (T4) in the gate motor and it runs on 24V supplied by the gate motor.

It is a bit pricy at around 100$ per unit.

In HE you can use the Generic z-wave dimmer driver to open and close the gate.

One interesting thing to notice is that in the user manual they mention that in case you run into range problems you can attach a 3 DBI Z-wave external antenna to specific screws on the device itself. Well, I am no electrician and with little antenna's knowledge I approached both Nice and Fibaro just to get no help (Nice) or no comment (Fibaro).

Ended up buying these 2 products from Aliexpress for a couple of dollars and built my own Z-wave antenna.

Antenna link

Pigtail cable

Just imagine how satisfied was I when it actually worked :blush:

Hope some of you will find it useful in the future.