Sliding door and screen/security Smart Lock Options

Hi every
I've decided to have another look around for smart locks for both sliding glass doors and security/bug screen doors. I just haven't been able to find any options and thought I might reach out to you guys to see if you have come up with anything.

Yale Assure locks work on Anderson doors, but not sure about other manufacturers

I've been looking for a screen door solution too. I haven't seen anything that would work right out of the box yet. Some sort of electric door striker and a Zigbee relay would do the trick. For me that's a big project.

Same boat here. Was thinking about doing it with a magnetic lock, but I didn't come yet to an elegant solution of failing secure on a day-to-day operation but failing safe when in an emergency. One idea I had is to set up a fail-safe one and to have it powered via UPS to implement fail-secure, with a cutoff cord to disconnect it from power after the UPS in case of emergency. So far an idea of a cord hanging in the middle of the great room didn't get much support from the wife, though.

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Thanks for your ideas and thoughts. I might investigate the manufacturer that was mention

Also looking and didn't find anything yet.
Please keep us posted on whatever you find!

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