Sleepy end devices and new repeater

I have about 5 Xiaomi devices that are sleepy end devices. I have bought a ikea plug for a repeater since the farther Xiaomi device occasionally dropped. Believe I read that once a end device connects to the hub it stays connected to that device. So question is if I want this Xiaomi device to connect to new repeater do I need to do a factory reset on the device ? Then reconnect to Hub in the loction it will be in ? After I connected the Ikea plug I restarted the hub from the web page. Or instead of above just wait 48hrs and it will find the plug hopefully. At the moment nothing is connected to the repeater.

AFAIK all you have to do is get the repeater on the mesh; ZB devices will route through it via the protocol rules.
I have lots of Xiaomi/Aqara and they did poorly on the Ikea repeater; it has a lack luster radio.
My devices still dropped off so I changed to the recomended Tuya ZB 3.0 repeaters and all has been solid for 6 months or more as the radio is much stronger.

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Hi Dnickel,
Thanks can you point me to which Tuya you are using ? Want to have this for future reference if I have bad results with the IKEA plug also.

It's this one:

You can get them quicker from Amazon - but at a much higher price.

That's the guy.
You just need some spare old USB cell phone chargers for each.

Thanks much both of you appreciated. Only have one xiaomi causing problems every few weeks. Maybe I'll get lucky with the IKEA time will tell.......

Maybe you will get lucky. I had to take out all my Xiaomi/Aqara as well as Ikea devices. They all cause mesh issues randomly and all over the place. Finally added them back in by setting up a Home Assistant instance and connected through there using the Home Assistant Device Bridge app.

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In case this helps anyone. I had plugged the Ikea repeater in then waited about 36hrs. I was watching the zigbee child device page to see if the ikea plug was getting any connections, so nothing happened after 36hrs. I remember reading end devices once connected they usually stay connected to the router or repeater they were originally connected to until they can't. I was like okay if where they are at have a pretty good connection but sometimes drop off how do I force them off ? So I left the Ikea repeater. I delete the Xiaomi motion sensor from Hubitat then factory reset the sensor. I then went to the far side of the house out in the garage opposite side of house then hubitat but the repeater was halfway in bathroom. I tried to connect there which it worked. I then checked the child device route info page and it was connected the the ikea repeater and no longer in the top table of child devices. I then went and put it back in original spot. It has been working fine past 3 days and has stayed connected to the ikea repeater. I normally reset hubitat to rebuild mesh when adding a device which I had done in the process when I first tried and the motion sensor connected back to the hub directly. So you can't restart hubitat by doing this process if the device is too close to the hub. I had to delete and re-add the motion sensor back in the garage. I am just trying to fix the every 2 weeks dropping off the network issue hope by using the ikea repeater fixes the issue.

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