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I'm totally an Apple user so I don't know if the problem only pertains to those system, but I'm unable to click on the password field in the Sleep Number Hubitat app and I believe it's putting an apple-generated password instead of the correct one. Is anyone else having this problem and if so, how did you fix.

There are instructions in here on how to get around that or how to turn that setting off totally:

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This is a setting in either your operating system or web browser, either of which can be configured to stop doing it.

@jtp10181 linked to an Apple support article that mentions how to do it on an iPhone. Note that this will turn off all password autofills by default.

Is this a problem for you on your iPhone/ipad or a MacOS device (i.e. a desktop or MacBook)?

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Yes, but the SleepNumber app is the only one that will NOT allow me to even place my cursor in the password field. Anyway, used the suggestion above, to get the password in the app and changed it back after I entered the password.


Sounds like apple just trying to force you to use their generated password for some reason. The way the dev named the password box might be triggering the Apple software to detect it as an account creation page and not a login.

There are instructions in that article on how to bypass the "strong" password suggestion without turning the settings off as well.

  • Make up your own password: Tap Other Options, then tap Choose My Own Password.

Actually, if the app would allow me to place the cursor on the password field, I don't think I would have this problem even if Apple think's it a new account creation... Was hoping there was a permanent fix rather than a temporary fix (turn off Autofill Passwords).

Ok so I loaded it up on my iPhone and yes this makes more sense now. That region is set to "submit on change". So as soon as you click in it, Apple autofill's a suggested password (which IMO is stupid), and because the region changes the page submits/refreshes. It is a perpetual cycle.

I edited line 162 of the app code and changed the submitOnChange to false, this fixed the issue.
@rvrolyk not sure if this would have any other side effects, otherwise might not be a bad idea to change?

      input ((sNM): 'password', (sTYP): 'password', (sTIT): ' password',
          (sDESC): 'Password you use with Sleep Number', submitOnChange: false)

@gopher.ny - Just so you are aware, potential UI conflict with Apple password auto-fill. Not sure if it would be a good idea to ignore the submitOnChange flag for password fields and always have it be false???

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Ugh, that’s a frustrating side effect of the password manager…. I’ve not tried on mobile so I never ran into this.
Yes, I see no problem changing this and I’ll try to get a change in this week.


Thank you all

Just to close the loop, I just updated the code to avoid this (v3.3.1).

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