Sleep Number - love it, or leave it?

Just a general question - wife wants a new mattress, we have a Sleep Number store nearby, wondering how folks who have them feel about them. Ended up being worth the extra money over a "normal" mattress. (I really don't know anything about Sleep Number mattresses, other than individual firmness settings and they are (AFAIK) fairly expensive compared to regular mattresses. My wife and I both like the same lvel of mattress firmness, so not sure if the abilty to customize firmness would matter for us...

And of course - have you enabled any automations that are specific to Sleep Number mattresses?

I've had a Casper for about 5 years now. LOVE IT. No box spring. It just sits on a wooden base.

For automatons:


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Mattress firm or sleep number? Title and description contradict. We bought a tempurpedic many years ago and love it. I have family and friend swear by sleep number.

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We have a mattress firm tempurpaedic too and love it. I use the Withings Sleep product for integration with HE and it works great. My neighbor got a new sleep number but you have to poll sleep number for bed presence with a min frequency of 1 min. So the native sleep number integration isn’t very timely for presence. The workarounds I’ve found for supplementing with a separate bed presence sensor would require adding a foam topper on top of the sleep number bed, something my neighbor at least doesn’t want. I recommend having a good plan for integration with HE before the purchase.

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In October, we purchased a split king adjustable with hybrid mattresses and for us, it's been a game changer. We fall asleep and wake up in the same positions in the morning, with less aches and pains. We wish we would have done it sooner.


I have a sleep number bed with the frame that can raise/lower the head position. Love it. It definitely helps my sleep. And my back feels way better too.

Had it now for 4-5 years at least.


I am another one that endorses the sleep number bed. We have had 2, we used the first one, A queen for about 10 years. We then bought a king with adjustable frame and it is awesome. We have had it about 6 or 7 years now. The queen bed we have is now in the guest room and it still sleeps pretty well. My wife and I both had covid over Christmas and I slept in the guest room. Kinda missed the ability to raise my head but I slept really well on that bed.

Another positive for the sleep number is how long the mattresses last. Unless you poke a hole in it, it sleeps as well almost 20 years later as it did when we got it.

Mine are too old to have any automations, I could probably rig something up but it doesn't really seem worth.

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DOH! Thanks.

We have had a sleep number for about 5 years now and overall we both like it. The motivation for us was that my wife likes a very different firmness than I do so we got a split king. I don’t find that I sleep better overall (though my wife does) but really like the ability to adjust it if I hurt my back exercising and I love the adjustable base.

For automations, I use presence to trigger a few things and I have a “watch tv” routine that changes some lights, turns on the tv and changes the bed positions.

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Love it. We just got our third one about a year ago and our first one in ~2003 or '04. Our original is still in service in our travel trailer, and #2 is now the guest bed. As others have mentioned, the value for me is that I sleep at a much firmer setting (70-100) than the missus(~45). For her, she likes to change the firmness a little bit up or down at times. I haven't the foggiest idea why, but it makes her happy that she can adjust it. I'm pretty sure we'd be sleeping in separate beds if we couldn't set each side separately. We've referred several family and friends and I think all of them are now loyal Sleep Number customers.

The only automation is that I trigger Alexa to start some thunderstorm sounds when my wife gets into bed. As noted above, the Sleep Number integration uses their cloud service, so don't expect "instant" detection. However, it does have bluetooth for initial setup and local control using your smartphone and the Sleep IQ app, so maybe a local integration using Bluetooth would be possible someday.

we have had ours for ~3 years now, love it

My wife and I have the same mattress preference... at least so I thought until we got the SN... she now likes it softer than I do... She is 35, I'm 45

As for automation, I set it to 100 when we wake up, sets to our favorites at 8:00 PM and it resets again once we get in bed

I also have a rule that sets the bed to our favorites if we nap during the day (also turns off bedroom lights)

Expensive but a great bed, IMHO

We tried the memory foam mattresses, IMO they sleep too hot (we even had a supposed cooling foam), and also it wore out way too fast. They get permanent dents where you sleep. I would never buy another all foam mattress.

We love the sleep number, especially the wife. She gets sore hips on most other mattresses, including the foam one after it quickly wore out. No pain with the sleep number and air doesn't wear out. We have a half split king with the adjustable head section. I thought it would get used more than it does, so was possibly overkill for us. I do use the partner snore sometimes which lifts the other side up slightly to help with snoring.


We've had a Tempur-Pedic for a little over a year now and it is by far the worst mattress we've ever owned. We bought it because it was highly recommended to help with my wife's fibromyalgia. The sales person said that it take a few months to get use to sleeping on this type of mattress, but it has been over a year and it hasn't got any better. We both wake up in pain almost every morning.

After 5 years my tempurpedic felt like I was sleeping on a stove every night. We went to mattress firm and got a purple mattress and I love it. It stays very cool with great air flow.

I just wish it had automation capability like sleep number. Instead, I bought an extra remote for my adjustable base and attached a couple of switchbots to it. It's hidden in a drawer but I can now control my bed to enter preset and flat positions within Hubitat or Google Home voice command.

I'm also planning to add a Withthings sleep tracker under the mattress so I can get sleep tracking and presence detection. So in the end I didn't lose too much as far automations by going with a Purple mattress. I also spent a lot less than I would have if I'd I bought the Sleep Number bed.


We've had a Sleep Number for several years now and would not willingly buy any other type of mattress. My wife likes a bed to feel like a concrete pad, while I like it a bit less so. We're both happy with the Sleep Number. What we would not do again is purchase the adjustable bed (raise head/foot) as we never use it. It was a nice novelty for a few months but we eventually found ourselves just putting a couple of pillows under our heads, as we had done for years, when reading, etc. But the mattress itself? Oh, yeah!

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I bought a sleep number when I moved into my current house about 5 years ago. We love it.

The HE integration works pretty well but I do get fairly regular errors. I don't use it for a whole lot though I do have some automations based on the presence sensors. (If both of us are in bed, turn on a virtual switch that disables some of the motion sensors so the cats don't keep turning them on... when we are both out of bed turn off the ceiling fan... if we are both in bed for more than 15 min lock all the doors and arm the alarm system)

I did have an issue not too long ago where the lift portions stopped working. Drove me crazy until I realized that the cats had been at the wiring and managed to yank a plug out. I'm gonna give the bed a pass on that one.

We have a SN in our travel trailer and bought one for our daughter's guest room(for our visits). In both cases, a good latex foam topper is essential for real comfort, but we do like sleep number. However, at home we got rid of SN in favor of a DUX; the DUX has been life changing.

Sleep Number here, split-firmness California King, for 6 years. I don't think either of us have changed our (very different) numbers since we dialed them in initially. No automations. We love it; for our new house, we're planning on getting a new one and moving that one to the guest BR.

This is a personal preference (much like your firmness setting) is by no means essential for all of us.

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Thanks for all the info and experiences. We only had time for one stop yesterday so we went to the closest location, a Mattress Firm. Found a couple my wife liked (I'm easy to please generally, if the bed doesn't have spikes I'm fine):

  • Serta Perfect Sleeper
  • Beautyrest I think was the other.

Traditional mattress styles, she's not fond of the foam types...

Sleep Number will be next to visit, that should be interesting...

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