Sleep Computer Monitors

I’ve got a laptop with a usb-c docking station that has two monitors attached. The external monitors don’t obey the sleep settings and stay on all the time. I’m wondering if anyone has a way to sleep these monitors through hubitat. I’d rather not put them on an outlet and pull the power but might have to resort to that.

I'm trying to figure out how HE would know your laptop was asleep... I guess you could use a motion sensor in the same room and a smart plug, but yeah I'm with you - a smart plug seems like it wouldn't be the best for the electronics. On the other hand I do it with other stuff so...

I assume this is a Windows laptop... I'm not a Windows guy but maybe they need special software or drivers or something? Or maybe there's some sort of independent timeout firmware in the monitor?

If they are not doing that, there is about zero chance of any system interfacing with them in a smart way. While I am not sure of every device on the market, I do try to keep up with smarthome tech. I have never heard of a smart home capable monitor, and I have doubts any exist.

Probably the only option is to put them on a smart outlet and cut the power.

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Yeah, I was hoping that someone had cobbled together something with a computer side service like event ghost.

You could definitely do something with EG, but best I can think you'd get would be to have the monitors on a smart outlet. That would allow you to turn off power to the monitors when the laptop goes night-night.