Skip single "Platform Update Available" notifications

E.g.: I'm on and the new version offers nothing I need (so the change log).

It would be nice to skip such single update notifications!
(The red (1) drives me nuts. :wink:)

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You mean having red (1) only when an update is important, or some setting that lets you show all vs. important updates? That's a good idea - thank you!

Or just the ability to clear the warning/notification...

I kinda like to wait a day or two before a major upgrade and my OCD doesn't like the red badge always there... But I always load the minor updates as they are usually more important... So its really a visual preference...


Maybe an option to mute the notification badge til next update occurs?

Sometimes minor updates are important, if there was a hot fix that’s applicable to a certain user.


I really like this idea.


That! :arrow_up:

Exactly that! :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

And on the Update Hubitat Elevation screen a link to the change log.
(Just dreaming...) :sunglasses:


:grimacing: Jost - I like it.
:grimacing: Jost - I like it.
:grimacing: Jost - I like it.

The red alert doesn't really bother me. I have little/no ocd.

That said, if I could mute it until next release, I would do so. I don't install every release on my production hubs.


How about a preference setting like "Don't show a notification that an update is available for X days after it is released" (ie., wait two weeks after the release for other people to find the bugs.).

But there could come a very important update! :thinking:

For me it's not a question of time, but a question of "do I need a particular update" (skip after reading the change log).

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I don't think this issue warrants a bunch of complicated logic.

In my opinion, a dismiss for X days would be fine, as would dismiss until next update.

Starting with (just released), you can dismiss a version reminder. It will appear again when next one comes out.


Great!!! :+1:

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