Siri pronunciation of Hubitat in notifications

When I'm wearing my headphones and I get a notification from Hubitat, Siri reads the notification to me and pronounces Hubitat more like hue-ba-dit. According to a post I came across, the app developer can include a pronunciation spelling of the app name so that it gets pronounced correctly by Siri. Here is a quote from the post:


CFBundleSpokenName (String - iOS, macOS) contains a suitable replacement for the app name when performing text-to-speech operations. Include this key in your app bundle when the spelling of your app might be mispronounced by the speech system. For example, if the name of your app is “MyApp123”, you might set the value of this key to “My app one two three”.

This key is supported in iOS 8 and later and in macOS 10.10 and later.

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