Siri command

Can Hubitat cause a Siri command be effected on a HomePod mini?

You can use Siri (on any device, including a HomePod Mini) to control Hubitat devices that you've added to HomeKit via the new integration, if that's what you're asking -- same as any other HomeKit device.

No. I want to cause from Hubitat a message on HomePod Mini using IOS Intercom with a preprogramed message like "the water is leaking".

Like text to speech? Nothing I'm aware of can do that natively at the moment, but I've seen hints that staff are looking at possibilities.

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That would be nice - an excuse to fill my house with HomePod mini's (as if I need an excuse to blow money on tech). I currently use my S1 Sonos Zoneplayers that are 16 years old and lacking Airplay 2.

You can always setup an automation in the Home app on the leak sensor. You can have it play a song when a leak is detected. Maybe "When the Levee Breaks" by Led Zeppelin?

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