I own an Aeotech Siren 6/Chime and I am very pleased with it, although it was rather pricey and I am looking for something louder. I also own a Linear WA105DBZ Zwave siren. The Linear siren is louder and has a great light but they are no longer made and they tend to not have a very long usable life.

Does anyone know if the Neo Z-Wave Plus siren is any good or does anyone have a recommendation for a louder siren?

I'm actually working on a driver for the Ring Outdoor Siren.. Should be plenty loud enough.. Driver will be in 2.2.8


An outdoor siren? That would be ideal.

Just a warning that it is SUPER ugly though.

Hide it behind a shrub

Yeah, and it is $89. Seems a bit steep for a siren

A little high maybe. Although everything is getting more expensive these days, and outdoor items are often more than indoor rated items.

How is this device powered?

It has multiple power options.. Alkaline D-Cells, ring rechargeable battery, mains powered, and all of the above.. You can use mains to charge the battery and have D-Cells as backup to the backup.. They went extra on the power options..

I’ve been stalling on doing this driver.. The family will not be impressed when I’m testing this :joy::joy:.. But I’ll get in in before 2.2.8 gets released..


Shove its face in a pillow. That works for quieting down some things...


Pillow testing... outstanding. I also need some quieter and cheaper indoor sirens which I need to place for kitten training.


I have 2 of the neo sirens. They work well and are sufficiently loud (I live next to a busy road). The driver for this device under samsung smarthings was really high pitched and sounded really cheap. I migrated to hubitat over the last few weeks and the sirens under Hubitat sound much more like an alarm. Somewhat akin to a police siren is how I'd describe it.

The 'LED strobe' is absolutely useless and provides no noticeable benefit (certainly doesn't scare anybody away).

It's so weird because ring had contacted me about 2 months ago about using my footage from an intruder being ran off by one of my sirens and they asked me how I did it, I told them and suddenly they have an outdoor siren available after I told them the reason I didn't use theirs is because they didn't have one​:joy::rofl:

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The 105 dB outout of the Aeotec 7 Siren should be plenty loud indoors. 110 dB is typically considered the threshold of pain for humans. If you have dogs or cats with sensitive hearing, even 105 dB is going to be too loud.

For outdoors, you should be able to hear 105 dB above the sound of a lawn mower. However, if you need to be louder, you could use a 110 V powered siren and then use a Zigbee or Z-wave relay or switch. There are also 12V sirens that could be powered by a small gel cell battery such as those used in emergency exit lights. However, with most of these devices, you would lose the multi tone chime capability of the Aeotec siren.

The advantage of the separate siren and control device is that you might be able to mount the control device either inside or in a sealed plastic box to protect it from weather and then have it connected to the siren.

7? Are these now available somewhere? I have only seen Siren 6.

I am sorry, but I made a mistake in identification.

The latest Aeotec Siren is indeed the Siren 6. Aeotec has introduced some devices that contain the 700 series chip. I have an Aeotec 7 Z-wave range extender. Since the Siren also functions as a repeater, I presume they will come out with a Siren 7 eventually, but it is not yet available.

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