Siren Stop After 2 (or so) Seconds

Siren is on my board.
I use either the Hubitat app, Centralite keypads, or the Virtual Keypads to arm and disarm. Everything works.
But we accidentally triggered the Intrusion-Away alarm coming home, the siren shutoff before I did a disarm via keypad.
All software is up to date.

I've reviewed everything and did searches.
Maybe I misread the meaning of some delay timer.
Here are my HSM settings.
There is nothing I see for the siren on time in Devices or Konnected set up.
What have I got wrong?


I wonder if the buzzer needs to loop somehow but isn’t looping when started from HSM…?

If you turn on the siren directly from the device, does it buzz for more than 2 seconds?

Thanks for the reply.

Waited for everyone to be out to test.

Using "Device" "Siren Home Attic" and activate, it does the same thing, about a 2 second blast.

If set off the alarm on entry, I get:
My expected one minute delay.
Siren sounds for a little over 2 seconds
No sound for 16 seconds.
Siren sounds for a little over 2 seconds
No sound for 16 seconds
Siren sounds for a little over 2 seconds
Repeats. Turned off alarm.

Also discovered my Panic button on my Virtual Keypad is non-functional.
Good time to test and discover behaviors.

Maybe my siren device is messed up.
Can you spot anything?


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Looks like the Konnected board has an LED labelled Alarm 1 and Alarm 2.
When I get a chance I'll watch as the alarm is set off and see if the LED has the same cadence as the siren.


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If it’s a community driver, you or someone who has a development background might be able to tell if there is an issue by looking at the code.

I set off the alarm intrusion-home while watching the Konnected board.
The alarm LED was on while the siren was on, off between.

This exonerates the Konnected board and brings me back figuring out why the Hubitat is doing this.

Any idea where to start or what to look at?


I suspect that it behaves the way it is written in the driver. Are you able to reach out to its author to see if this can be changed?