Siren recommendations

Looking for an internal siren any recommendations? My preferences are:

  1. Located in the uk, so don’t mind plugging into a power socket or running on battery.

  2. Ideally would like to be able to load on my own alerts via micro SD card or computer but I’m only on a Mac.

  3. Load through Hubitat and ideally bring into apple home.

  4. Aesthetically pleasing.

I quite like the Aeotec 6 siren but I believe you can’t load on your own alerts. Or the Zooz S2 siren but I can’t amend/access the custom alerts as it’s pc only!

I have the Ecolink Chime/Siren. I've loaded about 20 or so custom messages on it (there's a thread on the subject with tricks). I have a pc, but it's just a matter of making .wav files. Also, I use the built in smoke and co sounds so I can hear a Z-wave detector I put in the garage.

European and US Z-wave frequencies are different, no? I have no idea if Ecolink makes a Euro-specific model.

Thank you.

The Ecolink Chime looks a suitable fit, just can't seem to find one for the UK.

The other alt was the Zooz S2 which in Europe is called the Everspring Voice Siren, but again I can't seem to find a UK version.

I found the EcoLink Chime which I can import from US for £59 UK but just wonder:

  1. would it work here in the UK via Hubitat and HomeKit as you mentioned the Z-Wave frequencies being different?

  2. It also says its compatible with HomeKit, so assume once its paired with Hubitat I can bring it into Apple's Home app, however, am I able to set the different sounds to play via the Home app depending on the Scene or automation which is how I would want to use it?