Siren not stopping when alarm cancelled

I have an Aeotec Doorbell 6 being used as a siren for HSM. When an alarm is cancelled, the doorbell does NOT stop. It used to. I also noticed a typo in the logging (see screenshot). Any ideas on how to test/check?

Does the siren turn on and off as expected from the devices tab, independent of HSM? In other words is the issue HSM isn't turning the device off, or is the issue HSM thinks it has turned the siren off but the siren doesn't turn off? From the log above I would guess the latter.

I had this trouble with mine too, but some time ago, and at that time it did not respond to being turned off from the devices tab either.

I solved it by changing to "Aeotec Siren 6 New" driver and using this rule:

Great idea, but yes, it does control as expected from the device.

It does turn on and off at the device. I like this rule - is the first device (Internal) a Virtual Device?

I am also using the “new” driver for this device.

I also have a virtual switch that, when triggered, shuts down the sirens and then disables the devices. I put it together one night after the third floor smoke detector went off and we couldn't figure out how to stop the shrieking sirens. It's damned difficult having a conversation with the alarm company explaining that they do NOT need to dispatch the fire department when the whole house is screaming at you. There's a button controller right next to the alarm panel that triggers the switch.

I should note that the alarm panel itself is not silenced or disabled by this switch - only the additional sound sensors connected to HE. So even if a bad actor were to come in and push this button no alarm functions would be affected - only the auxillary sound devices connected to HE.

Yes, I put "Trigger" in the name to help me remember what it was for :slight_smile:

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