Sinopetech Water leak solution(zigbee sensor and shut-off valve) porting drivers from ST to Hubitat

I own a Sinopetech zigbee shut-off valve and a few of their zigbee water sensors. The drivers for these (available on their web site) are supported on Smartthings. I am trying to port these on my Hubitat Hub.

I have no modern progamming language experience. I have coded many years ago in fortran, cobol and PL1. Still, I went on and read the post on porting dirvers from Smartthings to Hubitat. With just a few modifications, and not knowing what I was doing, I have managed to get them to compile and run on my Hubitat Hub.

Using Rule machine, I have sucessfully tested that when water is detected the shut-off valve closes. But when adding a valve tile to my dashboard to display the status of my valve I get a blank tile (no status).

This let me believe that I am close to a solution but I am really not convinced.

Is there any help or plans to port these drivers to Hubitat?

drivers for the Sinope water sensor and the shutoff valve will be in platform 2.1.2.

Great news. I have 15 of those sensors and one of the valve. I will then change the devices types to use those driver. Is it right to understand that some options of the device (sensor) wasn’t supported by the generic zigbee moisture sensor? If so, wich option?

There were no options as such, it didn't like pairing using the generic, so I spun up a dedicated for it.
There are likely manufacturer options for this device, but I don't have any information on them at this time.