Sinope water valve zigbee VA4200WZ

hoping someone can help.

I am trying to migrate my zigbee Sinope water valve VA4200WZ from ST to HE..
The device pairs but under "type" is says "device". So I changed it to "Sinope VA4200WZ" which is a handler in HE... however I cant control the device at all.

any ideas .. it appears I may not be using the proper handler..

After changing the driver Type, and clicking SAVE, did you also click CONFIGURE at the top of the device page? That may get things talking correctly.

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I did but i will do again.. so -
(1) pair
(2) open device in hubitat
(3) Change device to "sinope water valve"
(4) save device
(5) hit configure

will try.. do i have to wait for any specific time after i hit configure ?


I got it to work BUT this is what I did... I dont know if its repeatable as I have it working and dont want to touch it....

Procedure 1 -
(1) reset Sinope device
(2) Pair it to HE
(3) Change Device name to "Sinope Water Valve"
(4) Hit Save
(5) Hit Configure

Procedure 2 -
(1) reset Sinope device
(2) Pair it to HE
(3) HE indicates that a device already exists - select the device for use

So somehow with these 2 procedures, it works..

If you can explain this magic, I'd appreciate it..



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