Sinope Water Valve with Flow Sensor (FS4220/FS4221)

Anyone managed to get flow sensor information from a Sinope valve? The built-in Hubitat driver doesn't support it. In their application (Neviweb) Sinope allows to draw a water consumption graph.

Flow Sensor | Sinope Technologies US

Well being new its no surprise we dont have support for it. Ill ask my contact at sinope about it...

Thanks @mike.maxwell

My valve is a second gen. VA4220ZB. If it can help, here's the fingerprint:

dev:3852022-07-04 16:06:32.003 info fingerprint profileId:"0104", endpointId:"01", inClusters:"0000,0001,0003,0004,0005,0006,0008,0402,0500,0702,0B05,FF01", outClusters:"0003,0006,0019", model:"VA4220ZB", manufacturer:"Sinope Technologies" 
dev:3852022-07-04 16:06:31.905 trace ZCL version:02
dev:3852022-07-04 16:06:31.903 trace Model:VA4220ZB
dev:3852022-07-04 16:06:31.901 trace Manufacturer:Sinope Technologies
dev:3852022-07-04 16:06:31.618 debug getting info for unknown Zigbee device...

I also tried changing the driver to the built-in Wally shutoff valve. It works fine and report a temperature value that the Sinope driver doesn't show.

Another thing: my valve has batteries installed but always report 0%. Just for fun, I changed the driver to Sinope Moisture Sensor and then it reported 100% batteries and a valid temperature.

cc: @samuel.c.auclair

Mike and @Cramezul

FWIW, I had looked into this a while ago. Sinopétech's documentation clearly indicates that the WiFi version of this valve is compatible with the flow sensor, but the zigbee 3.0 version is not.

Product information sheet for the WiFi 2nd generation Sedna valve

Product information sheet for the zigbee 3.0 2nd generation Sedna valve.

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Like i said i need the device(s) to make it happen, in this case a fingerprint wont help.

Well that puts an end to it. Thanks for clarifying this.

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I wonder if the documentation may just be out of date. Did the Zigbee document say that it is not supported, or did it just not say that it is?

The flow sensor model page only says that a 2nd gen valve is required (with no specific connection/protocol called out): Flow Sensor | Sinope Technologies US

And the Zigbee valve model page calls itself a 2nd gen valve: The creation of your smart home starts here - Sinope Technologies


Could be.

The latter. The WiFi documentation clearly states that it is supported (in multiple places). While the zigbee documentation omits any mention of it. And also mentions that for automated shutoff, the valve has to be paired with their kit that has leak sensors. While in the same place the WiFi documentation states either the flow sensor or leak sensors.

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Right, I noticed the same thing in the links that you shared.

I haven't really glanced at the Sinope products before, but I'd definitely be interested in this product if someone else confirms that it works. Maybe @Cramezul or @samuel.c.auclair has both the Zigbee valve and the sensor and could confirm whether they seem to be compatible.

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I vaguely remember contacting Sinopétech support and being told that the WiFi version supported the flow sensor, but I can't find that email :slightly_frowning_face:

The VA4220ZB clearly have the port to connect a flow sensor to it.


Do you have Sinopétech's GT130 gateway? Was that how you tested the VA4220ZB with Neviweb?

Yes I still have a GT130 plugged in. I did not pair my valve with it before but now it's done and Neviweb perfectly detected that a flow sensor has been plugged in. It automatically show an option to draw a consumption graph. I'll check in a few hours to see if it's really plotting data.

EDIT: a few hours later I indeed have a consumption graph as you can see here.


Can you try this driver and let me know if you got the volume attribute and the flow rate attribute. The actual value may not make sense, but if you got value, it is a good sign. I may not answer very fast for debugging.

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I submitted a Pull Request in GitHub for you to review. After correcting the few errors, the valve doesn't seems to report clusters 0x0404 and 0x0702. I have nothing in the log after Configure() and Refresh()

Current States

  • battery : 0
  • valve : open
  • volume : 0
  • powerSource : null

@mike.maxwell , as @Cramezul have shown with the screen shot and photo, the Zigbee valve version is able to report the flow and the volume of water. However, I've failed to identify the correct cluster ID and attribute ID to get those values. Maybe your contact at Sinope could help. Afterward, it would be nice if you can share those cluster ID and attribute ID.


I will ask...


I just installed that same meter but for a SmartThings Hub and I'm looking for a device handler to support the flow meter.

In the Zigbee Cluster Library (search for JN-UG-3115.pdf) the Flow Measurement cluster is 0x0404 (pages 589 to 596) however it's unclear from that doc what the attributes should be.

I'm working on getting a sample of the flow meter to integrate into our existing driver.


Any luck getting a sensor?

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