Sinope Tank Level Driver Not Giving Meaningful Results With Sinope Oil Tank Gauge

Hi @mike.maxwell ,

Any news?


the info sinope sent me wasn't of particular value, but the data you gave me should allow it to work correctly for your tank size.
update will be in the next 2.3.8 release

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The next 2.3.8 beta release, correct?


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So, it apparently didn't make it into the 2.3.8 production release?

I'm guessing it'll be included in the first 2.3.9 beta?

It missed the first 2.3.8 release it will be the first hotfix

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@mike.maxwell ,

I've been trying like heck to get it to work.
I can get 0% and 100%, but nothing in between.
Just now I got %null% with the gauge at 30%, which prompted this post, lol.

If you want me to try something else, debug logs, etc, let me know.

Do you have a Sinope fuel gauge you can test with the Level Sensor?
(I assume you have the Level Sensor).

I can send the fuel gauge to you, if necessary.
It hasn't been in oil yet, lol.

I'll keep trying, but I'd like to finish the install and get the tank buttoned up.


edit: It's repeatable, sort of.
I removed the sensor/gauge connector and it read 0%.
I plugged it back in with the gauge at full and it read 100%
I dropped the float to about the 35% mark, and it read null.
I then dropped it to the empty mark, and it read 100%
It then went back to null!

edit2: I now can't get it to read 0 when the gauge reads empty.

I donโ€™t have any of the oil gauge bits. I only have the two different Rochester propane sensors and the actual Sinope sensor

Let me know if you want me to send you the gauge (to borrow).
It's driving me bat crazy.
PM with address if you want.

edit: It's sitting on a bushing I had to get to adapt the threads.

What does "c" mean when I save preferences?

Old school method. Open tank top once a yr before cold season....put broom handle down to see how much is left.

Maybe get a monkey to automate it...

That was helpful seeing as I've spent the money on a sensor and gauge.
Hey, it's not a wine cooler I guess.

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It was meant in jest obviously.

I've been dicking around with the stupid thing too long. It got me cranky.

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Yeah that will work

Let me know where.
I'll mail it on Monday.

I got the sensor back from @mike.maxwell , and running through its paces before dunking it in the fuel oil.,

There are some problems with the revised driver, as far as I can see.

I put the gauge pointer at 0, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%,
75% consistently reads 62%.

I can't get any numbers between those quarterly points.
It might be because you have to wait 10 minutes before the Sinope sensor sends another reading, but it gets friging time consuming. Maybe I'll try again tonight.

Anyway, based on what I've seen, I'd say that if the table approach was used, as discussed in the Propane Level Monitor thread, it is not granular enough.

That, plus 75% always being wrong. Just tip of the iceberg.

A formula vs. table approach would have been better, if the table approach was indeed used.

Still not ready for prime time.

@mike.maxwell ?

Yeah, i pretty much tested every point between 0 and 100 percent on all three heights.

How many points per scale? Did you use the table approach?

I can't get any intermediate readings (bet 0, 25, 50, 75, and 100, with 75 always reading 62.

edit: I just managed to get a 30 (round number), so that's something.
Do you do every 10%?