Sinope firmware version?

Hi, am using the Sinope drivers published by @samuel.c.auclair . i use them the thermostat and heat controler products. But i cannot seem to find if there is a firmware version element on the available variables. I contacted Sinope and they told me they don't publish firmware updates other than thru their zigbee controler. So i would like once a while to contact them and compare their latest to mine. Unless someone knows how to update the Sinope drivers automatically :slight_smile: thanks

Up to my knowledge, this is not an information share by Sinope, so I don't know how to get the firmware version of the device. However, honestly the only reason that Sinope will update their firmware, up to my knowledge, is maybe to add capability that is outside of the standard Zigbee 3.0 standard so they can implement special feature or optimized communication with their hub.
None of those update will benefits users that use hub other than the Sinope hub.


all right thanks!

If you switch to the built in driver from hubitat, there should be an update firmware button on the device page,

If Hubitat stocks the Sinope OTA files that should work for you.

Not sure Sinope is in there though;

But you can try!

Thanks. I contacted Sinope and they said they were not publishing firmware updates and we had to go thru their Neviweb. Sounded pretty restrictive so i gave up.

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