Sinilink WiFi USB switch 3.5V - 20V@5amp(100watt) Tasmotizable Dongle

Just got one and flashed it right away with Tasmota. Works great and with Tasmota it can be integrated into HE, and unlike the Sonoff you're not forced to use the likely spyware app.

And a great overview and tutorial:

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How are you using it?

Currently I am using it to reboot a wyzecam in my garage. I have future plans to use it to reboot my hub, once my hub is officially shutdown. A power pull is the remedy for several issues, but with this I don't need to leave my desk.
I've read others use it on HA to stop charging once the phone reaches 85%(preserves battery lifetime), and still others using for LED lights.

Here's a good look

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