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I started my HE journey with Cree, osram and hue bulbs. I initially paired them directly to HE, but after reading the forums realized it was better with that selection of bulbs to use the hue hub and then use the hue bridge integration into hubitat (except the osrams of course) Well a month later and I have replace all the cree's and osrams with singled's and a couple Eria bulbs. I have joined them to the hue hub. They are working fine on the hue, but are there any benefits, speed or other, by joining the singled's directly to HE? All of my zigbee repeaters are on the HE.
My zigbee mesh on the HE is made up of door sensors, motion sensors and several peanut plugs.
I have about 20 singled bulbs now, mainly in lamps, if that makes any difference.

There is no benefit to moving the bulbs to HE. With the Hue bridge in place, you have another way to interact with lights like when you are updating the HE hub or other HE maintenance.

First of all, do you mean Sengled? If so, you've paired your Sengled bulbs to your Hue bridge? How have you achieved this? According to Sengled, that isn't possible. The Hue bridge uses ZLL (Zigbee Light Link) and Sengled bulbs are ZHA (Zigbee Home Automation). So, you can't pair Sengled bulbs to the Hue Hub.

I believe the European versions work with Hue.

Yep you are correct, Sengleds are paired with HE, I was confusing them with some Smartthings bulbs.


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That's Osram I believe.

From the Sengled UK website:

I’m lost now. What is your question ?

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Sorry for the confusion, basic question is are there any benefits to running all zigbee lights (non-repeatable) on HE rather than the hue hub?

The Hue bridge maxes out at 50 devices I believe. Also, running non-repeating (end device) bulbs on Hue might pose a problem with relaying messages and weaken the mesh.

I believe this was answered above but from what I understand, the Hue Hub is designed to run lights that use ZLL (a repeating capability). Therefore you should not be able to put NON-repeating lights on Hue.

It’s a moot point. Sengled are the only non- repeating bulbs, so they are unique. They are Zigbee HA, which technically should work with a European Hue Bridge, but...

A. I don’t believe Sengled are sold in Europe
B. The OP isn’t in Europe, so this is about a Zigbee LL Hue Bridge.

So in short, pair all your Sengled bulbs directly to the HE hub. Keep all other bulbs off the HE hub if you will be using any other Zigbee devices (non-bulbs) on the same Zigbee network. They will just cause problems. If you have a Hue already, pair them to that and use the Hue Integration to control them.

If you don’t already own a Hue Bridge, why not take advantage of the all time low price and buy another HE hub. That way you can pair just about any bulb, keeping them on their own network. Control them from your primary hub via the community app HubConnect, or via the built in apps, Link to Hub and Hub Link.

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