Single setting / action to share all devices across hub mesh

Is there a single setting some place or a custom app that allows me to share all devices over hub-mesh? vs. going in and setting each one, or doing it in Hub Mesh >> Private Devices >> Click the "share icon" one at a time?


It would be nice if they would at least put this back the way it was with a checkbox list so that you could select each one and acknowledge once. I have about 100 devices (fully automated large house) and the prompt and web page refresh on each one is painful. Of course I'll have it done and not need it by the time it's made more user friendly!



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Really? The only reply is just



I am adding 2 new hubs to my setup for a wide spread area which includes an outdoor area, and I have over 100 devices currently on the existing hub. I want to share all of them to both hubs

What other response did you expect? The answer to the question OP asked was "no". Not many more ways to say it...

If someone wants to make a feature request to the devs, that is different (the OP wasn't worded as such). Maybe that is something that @gopher.ny could consider for a future release.


Hub mesh carries non-trivial overhead. We do not want a single click "share everything" button.
What is the use case?

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