Single Rule, Multiple Sensors - Missing Something Obvious?


I know I must be missing something obvious here, but I'm hoping to get a single rule, for example 'Open Door', to use the pushover API to alert me when any of a large groups of door sensors are opened.

Using the following simple rule I can achieve getting the alert if just the front door is opened, but if I expand the condition to include more than just the single sensor on the front door, I don't get any pushover events for any of the doors:

I must be missing something, since certainly I wouldn't need 15 rules for 15 individual doors or windows to achieve this. I would instead like to have one rule that lets me know when any of 4 doors have opened, and another single rule that tells me when any of 10 windows have opened, etc.



Maybe check out Cobra Apps [UPDATED] Check Open Windows & Doors


You are correct, you wouldn't. But, when using RM, you do have to define all conditions you want to monitor.

Conditions: Door 1 open, Door 2 open, Door 3 open, Door 4 open, window 1 open, window 2 open, etc.
Define rule: Doors 1-4 , windows 1-10 any open
Actions for True: Notify Pushover '%device% %value% %time% %date%

And as @njanda posted, there is a great app for that.


Thanks guys. I'll check that out.


@jamesjasonw If you decide to load the parent and child app for "check open windows and doors" then you will need to load the parent app as a new app BUT before you save it, you need to comment out , put this // in front of the first word on line 58. Then you can save the parent and then load and save the child app and it will work. I just had to do this.


Thanks! I was phunphering my way through that (never messed with parent/child before) when you gave me that.

Greatly appreciated.


@jamesjasonw I followed what Andy (Cobra) said and he first said to comment out line 51 but that still caused an error. So I saw line 58 and it had a reference to commenting that line if the cobra container was not used.

My question is....are you getting it to talk or send a pushover when a window is already open or is opened.

I am not getting any reaction from anything I try.


Hey @razorwing, I started to follow the Cobra advice and did get the app loaded, but didn't follow through with trying to get a workflow going.

The advice from @bjcowles actually got me what I needed primarily soI've stopped short of working more on Cobra until I need it for additional functionality.


@jamesjasonw I will have to wait for @Cobra to answer. I have tried the apps with and without the container and I still can't get any response from speech or pushover.