Simulated Yellow Bug Light

I have a Sengled color LED on our front porch. I have googled my question but can't seem to find an answer or if it is even doable.

I want to simulate a yellow bug light using my Sengled bulb or is it even possible. I thought if I could find the correct RGB color, I could mimic the bulb.

Has anyone ever done this or have any other suggestions?

A yellow bug light doesn't actually repel bugs. Bugs just have a hard time seeing the bulbs because most can't see light that is a lower CT. But the bubls will still produce some blue light so some buys will still see the bulbs. And where one goes, the rest will follow. So, you can get the same experience you would with a yellow bug light with a color bulb. Will that actually help keep bugs away....probably not as much as just turning the light off.

You could probably get the same benefit by just using a CT light shifted to a lower kelvin setting.

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Much more effective, put a bug zapper on a smart plug, preferably away from the no bug zone, and your issue is solved, no funny color light needed, unless you like yellow