Simple Wish: Prevent duplicate devices from being added

I accidentally added a few of the same devices to hubitat (such as Aeon Siren G5) ending up with duplicates. I don't know any use case for having duplicate devices in the hub, and if there are none, hubitat should be smart enuf to reject devices already added to it.

I tried to remove the duplicate devices and it f'd up my existing devices (they dont work anymore).. I tried to remove the remaining copy of device but can't seem to do it since hub doesn't recognize the existing device anymore (doesn't detect remove protocol from device)

They aren't duplicates. They're ghosts and they should be removed as they will wreak havoc with your mesh. Ghosts happen during failed pairings or if you leave a device in place then reset and re pair it. The reason the duplicate is allowed is not because a new id number is issued during each pairing. This is not the fault of HE, it is the fault of the SDK issued by the z-wave alliance.

@tj1 Pick force remove. Also as your removing the ghosts, power down your siren so that it can't be pinged or you won't be able to properly remove the ghosts..

i did the force remove thing, before seeing your comment.. so it was ON while i did it.. but the device was removed nevertheless.. but again, the device wasn't off when i did.. am i in trouble?

No.... if it removes great. A lot of times though they won't remove because of that issue. That said, any time you have a failed pairing, stop and check for ghosts.