Simple Toggle of a Virtual Device

I have a rule where the intention is to show the status of my blinds -

Curtain Status On = Open
Curtain Status Off = Closed

I want it to toggle whenever the Curtain device is turned on.

So far it works intermittently which is a surprise to me since it's a virtual device within Hubitat.

As of now, the Curtain device is in ST. So maybe that has something to do with it.

Any suggestions on a better way to approach this? Thank you!!!

Screenshot of rule:

That definitely looks like it should work. I assime you really only do want to toggle when the triggering device turns on? (Nothing will happen when it turns off. This is probably what you want if it's basically a "momentary" switch but is otherwise odd.)

One thing you could try: turn on trigger and action logging for the rule, which will help you figure out when the triggering device changes and might help you figure out if there's anything else odd. Looking at device history for events may also help, but you'll have to piece that together, so this is probably easier.

Yes, the expectation is that nothing should happen when it turns off. I have Smartthings turning it off via the Power Allowance function. Turning Curtain On will either open or close it.

I'll try looking at logs. Thanks!

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