Simple Toggle Color not working right - maddening

Not sure what's up here.

This is a VERY simple rule on a button controller. It toggles the RGB strip off, but when it toggles it back on, the Saturation is 100 not 79. Very frustrating and I have no idea what

This is a Zen31 RGB controller and I am controlling the _color child object.'s not actually always setting the Saturation to 100. Turns out, that when it toggles the light back on, it's actually setting the color to whatever is in the devices' "color" setting, regardless of what my rule says.

Now it always comes on Red

Seems do I fix this?

Evidently Toggle Color is completely broken. I can see the bad code. We will see if we can't get a fix out for you tomorrow.


This is why I really like Hubitat and the guys who run it.

This is how I used to run my lab automation group: see a problem, fix it.

Can you imagine any other company being this involved and responsive? Thanks to all the people at Hubitat who keep things happening.



Unfortunately this isnt fixed after the update. In fact, I think there's something wrong with the driver itself. I think this is why I switched the Brian Copland driver at one point...but this really has to get fixed.

So I do still have the issue with toggling coming back to the wrong color....but also..

The parent device will affect the child devices. For instance....if the parent device somehow gets set to 50 (I dont even know how this could happen, I dont have any rules associated with it), then the child "Device_Color" will never go above 50 no matter what you do.

Similar things happens with "Blue Level", "green level" on the parent device.

I think Hubitat needs to decide:
If you're doing to do child-device model...there should be no color settings in the parent.

I dont even know why there are child devices...what is the purpose?

I'm pretty sure the app portion of this IS fixed. Do you have any evidence to the contrary? As for the driver portion, I defer to @bcopeland. I know you need both to work, but the fix I did was only with respect to the app bug.

So here's my evidence :slight_smile: This video shows what happens.

On the left is my simple toggle color rule.
Top Right is the OfficeLED-Strip_Color
Bottom Right is the OfficeLED-Strip (parent device)

This Hue/Saturation produces a very soft-white type color (when it actually works)

However in the video you will see that if I set the color of OfficeLED-Strip_Color to be rule only toggles to the same blue color. If I set it to rule only toggles the same orange color.

The last thing the video shows is that if I set the parent device to 50%, the child device will never go above 50%, even if the rule says to go to 100%.

SO my questions are so many:

  • Why does the parent device AND the child device have color settings?
  • Why is the parent device Red/Green/Blue, but the child device Hue/Saturation/level?
  • If there's color settings in the parent come I cannot use that device with "Toggle Color" action?
  • Why are there child devices at all? What purpose does this serve?

I'm sorry that you are having this problem. Unfortunately, your video is of no value to understand or diagnose what is going on. What I meant by evidence is logs that show specific things happening, not a video. Can you show logs that show the action from the rule to toggle the light to Hue 9, Sat 79, that result in a log for the device showing some different command hitting the device? Before the bug fix, that was clearly the problem. And that is the bug that was fixed.

I don't know anything about this device, and cannot answer these questions. I will ask the engineer to take a look.

This appears to be a driver issue, I am investigating..


Thanks for lookin at it

Anything on this? Keep trying different stuff as a work around to get this basic function working correctly, but nothing works.

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