Simple smart plug on/off scheduler

Hi all
I thought this would be common but I can't find the answer when searching. I'm hoping my searching has just been terrible and saves me some coding.
Basically I have a smart plug (innr) that I want to schedule on/off times, like you can do in most smart plug apps (e.g. Sat 10h00 on, Sat 17h00 off, Sun 13h00 on, etc). It's different on certain days so don't want to have to go through multiple if statements checking day, time and doing corresponding action.
Have I just missed something?

You could use room lighting and setup Lighting Periods based on time.

You can also use Simple Automation as well, with a rule per period. Also, there's a "simple condition" option that can help shorthand things in RM.


In addition to Simple Automation suggested by @FriedCheese2006, you could also use Basic Rules, which is also listed under Built-In Apps. Setup 2 actions....When time of day is this. When time of day is this.

The choice is yours.

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Thanks for the replies. I'll give those a look into.

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Just reread your original post and see the requirement for different times on different days of the week. I believe you would have to setup multiple rules for different days of the week using either Simple Automation or Basic Rules. Both have the ability to restrict the rule to certain days of the week. There is no problem setting up different rules for different days of the week. Rules are cheap.