Simple rule to utilize a Zooz switch and Alexa to report washer off

And when you look at the driver for the virtual switch in Hubitat, it says "Virtual Contact Sensor with Switch"? That should make it available in Alexa routines (provided it is authorized in the app). If not, you might try removing the virtual switch and adding it back.

There is an alternative driver that us Virtual Motion Sensor with Switch but either of these drivers should work just fine.

Yes, that is the setting. I originally had it as a built-in virtual switch and changed the driver to the Virtual Contact Sensor with Switch. When I realized Alexa still was detecting it as a switch, I created a brand new Virtual Contact Sensor with Switch device as a test case, added it to the Alexa integration, and went over to the Alexa app--still showed only as a switch. That's why I was wondering if perhaps the Alexa integration I'm using is the root cause. I will find the other driver and see if that will work for me. Appreciate the reply.

As far as I know, the Amazon Echo Skill is the correct app to use.