Simple rule to Rule Machine migration

This is a feature request. More than once have i stumbled into a situation, where I started with a simple rule, just because I had a simple rule to create. Over time, I felt the need to add some more complex portions, and those were not possible in Simple Rule. My option at that point is to either forget enhancing my rule, or start all over scratch and re-recreate the rule in rule machine.

it would have been nice if there was a way to convert/migrate a simple rule to rule machine.

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Are you talking about Basic Rule or Simple Automation Rule?

This would be a rather substantial undertaking. Our thoughts have been that if you're sophisticated enough to want this, it can't be that daunting to create a new rule in RM. While meanwhile, our efforts would be better spent elsewhere. That's just my opinion, not trying to discount your request.


Sorry, I meant "Basic rules".

And yes, my point is not about it being daunting, but is more of a convenience from a polished product. Having that ability means, the platform allows me to quickly migrate and add that one new condition and be done with it to help it serve my needs.
Not having that ability means, I need to procrastinate on it, as it is now a project, which I have to plan time out for, sit down, assess the old logic, recreate it, do multiple iterations of testing and troubleshooting. And then finally be done with the migration...only to realize that oh I forgot to account for that one edge condition, which was a part of my old Rule.

I understand. It's a large challenge. I'll think about it.


In general, it seems most people who go to the trouble of purchasing a Hubitat device should just spend a few minutes and learn Rule Machine. It is not the most user friendly or intuitive system, but it does work well, and allow for fairly complex rules. Rather than spend time trying to "bridge" these two rules engines, why not just eliminate the less powerful of the two, and make the more powerful version a bit more user-friendly?

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Basic Rule was developed based on a lot of experience with and hopefully some insight into how new users can most easily approach an inherently difficult topic: creating automations. My wife, who is completely non-technical, can use Basic Rule and understand the concept of When Something Happens Do Something. The gap between that more intuitive and simpler UI and Rule Machine might as well be the Grand Canyon. The user audience for these two apps are completely different in terms of their knowledge level and experience.

The OP raises a valid suggestion. OK, I figured out how to ride the bike with training wheels, now I want to go further. Why should I have to start over? This is a natural point to reach as one learns their way around home automation. One can't push Basic Rules into more complex automations without losing its ease of use. Trying to add a simpler and more intuitive UI to Rule Machine is incredibly difficult. Creating a bridge from one to the other is probably a doable project and one worth doing. It would also be a great training tool, to see how a simple automation in Basic Rule can grow up into a Rule Machine rule.

Meanwhile, back at the Rule Machine Ranch, efforts will continue to improve its UI and make it easier to use. But let's not kid ourselves that it can somehow become a beginner's tool with just a little more polish.


Bruce gonna do what Bruce gonna do. Well, good luck with it, whatever you end up doing.

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