Simple rule to refresh the state of my zigbee bulb

I use Hubitat to integrate all kind of device into HomeKit. But I always noticed that the current state of my zigbee bulb is not correct in HomeKit.
At first I thought it was a HomeKit problem and let it go… but the problem come from Hubitat .
For example some bulb are off in Hubitat and HomeKit but actually they are on .
And just with refresh in Hubitat it show now on .
So I made a simple rule machine to refresh every bulb every 30 sec

This kind of rule is rarely a good idea.

Have you clicked the "Configure" button on the device detail page for each of the problematic devices to see if that helps with their reporting? If that doesn't help, what brand and model of devices are these, and what driver are you using?

But in general, you are correct to note that most apps and integrations will just see the same state the device has in Hubitat. So if they are wrong there, the hub itself is a good place to check before blaming the integration.

Yes I understand it’s not the best solution but it works.
Maybe there is a risk of overloading the hub with the refresh request.
I never understood the purpose of configure button it seems to do nothing, but I will try to make that with all my bulb.

I use two brand of zigbee bulb : eglo and ledvance
I use two type of driver : generic zigbee ct bulb (dev) and generic zigbee bulb

I stopped the refresh rule and try to hit configure on every bulb and now I have the same problem .
My automation run on Hubitat and i know they are robust and I can trust them . But I can’t trust in HomeKit when a device is on or off u til I refresh them and that annoy me !