Simple Rule for lights with Button

So I have an Aqara Button and a Shelly 1 for the lights. I wanted to setup a simple automation, Button is pressed the the lights turn on, button is pressed again and light it turned off.
But this rule only turns the lights on, never off.
For the Shelly I use the build in driver, for the Aqara button in use the "Xiaomi Aqara Mijia Sensors and Switches" from User Cirp.

Did you set the Shelly commands in the actions menu?

Hi, nope I did not. Is there a HowTo to set it up correctly?

In actions you have to put all this commands:
Starting to Released , letting Pushed empty
Don't forget to enable it and save each field.


Example here:

i think you have to set the button as momentary

Or detached if the bulb is smart and not directly connected to the shelly

Hi, yes I did set the Shelly to Momentary button type and it works with the connected real button just fine.
Coming back to the URL settings. Is this the feedback to the Hubitat device? So IP address and path is the Hubitat Hub, not the Shelly device?
So when I understand that function correctly this is then used that the shelly will update its status to the Hubitat?

Sorry i taken to many things for granted
Yes The IP addres is the one of the HE
:39501 id fixed

Here you have more info
Problems with Shelly 2.5 switch stock driver?