Simple Rule for lights on and off, result in one light taking 1-8 hours to react

I have setup a simple automation rule to turn on and off 3 Kasa light at sunrise and sunset.

Two of the lights work perfectly, but the 3rd on takes 1-8 hours to react to the command, and i can see this in the event history. I thought I was losing my mind, and someone was manually turning the with on or off. The hub it up to date, and the local time is properly set.

I have found that adding a delay between multiple commands helps with this.

I have a rule to close the shades at sunset. Previously, HE would be like a teacher trying to talk to 12 children at once.

Sometimes one or two shades did not close. Other days, different shades would not close.

Added a 5 second delay between commands, and everything has been fine since.