Simple one.. What did I do wrong here

Ok.. Thought I had tested this... Then modified it to change the dimmer level. Was away for a few days and had to manually turn the lights on at night from the dashboard. Not sure what I did wrong....
The "HEV-Alarm...." Switches are virtual switched driven by Alexa based on the state of my ring alarm. I had them up in the dashboard and they seemed to be set correctly while I was away. Intention was to turn on the lights at a random time between ten before and ten after sunset, if my alarm is set (i.e. If we aren't home) and off at a random time between 10:15 and 11:00. Like I said.. I kept an eye on it when we went out a little before sunset a week prior and I thought it had worked, but apparently I broke something when I went in and changed the dimmer level because it didn't work the last few days. Also.."Living Room Lights" is a group which includes "Living Room Center" which is a dimmer. I did it that way in case someone manually hits another light in the wait period.

New to hubitat and RM so any ideas what looks wrong are appreciated:

Do you have the group "Living Room Lights" set to turn on if any of the components are on? If not, the group is still going to be off, so turning it off again won't accomplish anything.

If you aren't home, who would be turning on lights at home?

Yes, it if set to "Use group device to indicate if any members are on". Really the use case there is if someone left one of the other lights on before we left. At any rate, the issue I was having was with not turning on... Didn't get to the point of testing the off.

Thanks for the ideas though! I think I'll probably just add the "disarmed" state to the condition just to test the rest of the logic and see how that goes and go from there.

Well, I have an automation that runs when I leave to turn lights off.

To tell why it's not turning on, I would need to see the rule's state when your alarm was on, to see if either of the switches is on. Also, why are you scheduling it for each day of the week instead of every day at that time? Do you have logs of when you expected the rule to run?

Didn't see the "when time is"trigger in the drop down the first time... Just getting started in hubitat. Just switched it to that and turned on the logs. Also, as I said, changed it to include all alarm states for now so I can troubleshoot the remainder of the rule first. Thanks again.

Welcome to the group pbennett45. Ryan is very sharp on Hubitat and offers good advice, but (s)he can be a bit abrasive at times. Take it with a grain of salt.

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I answered the question and was completely polite. Abrasive? I didn't see anyone else coming to his aide. Did you? Have you ever stopped to think that maybe you're hearing what you want to hear? Would you rather I just didn't answer the question? I'm not going to sit here and waste both of our time with flowery language and blow smoke up his ass. I gave a technically accurate answer with absolutely no judgement or emotion whatsoever. If you think that's abrasive, then I'll be sure to never answer one of your posts.

Btw, if you don't like it, there's now an ignore feature on the forum. Feel free to ignore me.

Yikes...I don't think I started this. But I didn't find anything particularly abrasive and thank you to whoever wants to lend some advise.

Anyway, I'll let you know once I troubleshoot a little more and have more info.... Should run at sunset regardless of alarm state today so I can figure out if my problem is with the trigger or the conditional.... As long as my kids don't flip stuff on before it has a chance to run :slight_smile:


Well, the first thing the logs will tell us is if the rule is being scheduled for execution and actually executing at the time you specified. If that's not happening, then we can troubleshoot the contents all day long and it won't do a bit of good. :slight_smile:
BTW, I forgot to ask, you do have your hub location and timezone set correctly? The hub's time matches your local time in the settings? And sunset appears to be the correct time?

Well... That's embarrassing. I'll even sheepishly admit that I'm an electrical engineer. I thought I had set my location and time zone in the setting.. guess the mobile page fooled me and I never saved it... Pretty sure that's all it was..I was two or three hours off so by the time it was going to trigger I had already noticed and just manually turned them on. Woops. Thanks for the suggestion!!