Simple Lighting- What is going on?

Two nights ago I created an automation for my Christmas lights using the SIMPLE LIGHTING app. They are supposed to go OFF at 10pm, but they have yet shut off at their scheduled time:

This is the ONLY thing the log shows:
app:5132019-12-04 04:07:00.864 pminfoChristmas Lights Turn On

I didn’t have this problem last year. What is going on??

This is in the restriction section right? The simple lighting app only allows turning off and on between sunrise/sunset or vice versa or between set times oinly. The restrictions are not actions. The only way to do this is via rule machine.

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You could also use 2 simple lighting rules. One to power on at sunset -15 and a second rule to turn off at 10 pm.

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I suspect the problem rests in the plugs themselves: I neglected to mention they are Wemo “Smart” plugs.

I’ve read in wemo-related forums their functionality has deteriorated, including turn on/turn off element.

I will try that. Thank you.

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I ended up doing an on action for my porch lights on sunset, then setting a separate off action at a specific time.
It does not seem that this is a complex scenario that should be programmed into the simple lighting as that is pretty basic. For now I will just leave it that way with two separate actions. Thanks for your suggestion.

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