Simple Lighting Rule only triggering with Echo

I have a Simple Lighting rule setup that when the kitchen light is turned on (via z-wave switch), a zig bee bulb and two hue strips also turn on. For some reason it worked for a while via the physical switch as well as through voice command (through Echo) but now it will only trigger through voice command. The added lights will not turn on/via the switch at all. What could be the issue?

Well, changes via Alexa are software changes and you hitting the switch are physical changes. Go to the edit device page and look at the device current states. Hit the switch and see if it changes. I'm willing to bet it won't and that your problem isn't simple lighting but in fact is the z-wave switch.

Hitting the on/off states within the edit screen does control the light, and the other lights linked through the simple lighting rule turn on & off accordingly! Itโ€™s literally just the physical switch that wonโ€™t trigger the other lights to turn on.

Interestingly, the physical switch worked and activated the rule for the first few days I had it set up...

That is not what I asked. I asked that if you physically toggle the switch, does it update the device state on the edit device page?


Like, does the switch change from off to on or on to off?

What model switch is this?

Ah, I understand what your asking for now. When the physical switch is pressed, the state does not change. So therein seems to be the problem. It is a Leviton rocker switch that has a single button on the bottom for turning on/off the switch. I believe it is model# DZS15-1BZ

Here is the device information page as well as example of switch:

A single button the bottom? What are you talking about? It is a paddle that has a top and a bottom.

Z-wave switches, unlike z-wave PLUS switches, will never report local changes to the hub. Because of this, you have to use a built in app called "Z-wave Poller" that will poll the switch to capture local changes. You can find it on the apps page under built in apps. Then you will be able to see the local change on the switch in hubitat as well.

But you have to be careful...the DZS15-1BZ is the Z-wave model and the DZ15S-1BZ is the z-wave plus model. Only the s is in a slightly different location. Searching for one or the other even results in the opposite one showing up on a search most of the time. So, gotta watch out for it.

I kid you not, it has a single button on the lower half of the switch lol. There no separate on and off switch like a regular toggle. Itโ€™s just a single button. But thank you for that info regarding the z wave vs z wave plus difference. For simplicity, I may just swap out that switch for one with z wave plus and move this older switch somewhere with simple controls.

It's a toggle switch, so it's momentary to toggle the state of the switch. Dimmers aren't regular switches either. They are momentary buttons on the top and bottom. I've just never seen a z-wave switch that scrimped out on having both buttons be available before. Talk about going cheap!

The reason you have to have it be momentary is that when you control it form the hub, you don't want the switch to look on when it's really off.