Simple Lighting request


My request is quite simple. I have a SL Rule that turns on lights at Sunset and off at Sunrise

With my Christmas lights now up, I don't want them to come on until 10PM but still so go off at Sunset

Based on how SL works, if I choose to go on by time, I must also select by time to turn them off and can't select Sunrise

Yes, I can make 2 new SL Rules, one to turn them on at 10PM and another to turn them off at Sunrise... buy why?

Just use a regular rule to control xmas lights


Just put in a Delay before it executes the "turn on" action it wont be exactly at 10 pm but it will get you close enough and by the time the sunset changes very much Christmas will be over

Yes, that worked, TY

So I try to keep similar stuff in the same rule tool, RM or SL... So I thought to move my other similar SL rule to RM yet in this case I only want to turn lights on at Sunset -45 but do not turn them off since that is done with a routine with Alexa when we go to bed. RM when using Time of Day only has 1 option, "between" and won't allow one value to be null

Yes I am sure there is a way but why can't something as simple as turn on at Sunset be just that

Guess I'm not looking for another solution, just venting

Thanks for the original help :slight_smile:

That is perfect for a Trigger rule