Simple Lighting - Anti Turn On rule not updating device status

The anti turn on function doesn't update the device status on a light managed by a simple lighting rule. The light functions as expected, but the system still shows the same state.

My Rule:

Log Showing the initial rule triggering:

Log Showing the Anti Turn On Triggering, but the status staying "on":

Anything I should be doing differently?

What do you mean by "Anti turn on"? Do you mean the rule is not turning the light off?
Both of these screenshots are saying that the sensor was opened. The rule will only turn the lights off after the sensor is closed.

Yes, the rule doesn't turn the light off.

Both screenshots reference the rule actions. The rule itself is named "Turn On Garage Light when house to garage sensor opened". The sensor itself isn't logged (I can enable logging if that helps explain what I'm seeing).

The first screenshot shows the rule triggering and the Garage Light turned on. The second screenshot shows the "Anti turn on" action of the rule triggering 5 minutes later and the device status updating again to Garage light on.

The interesting part of this is that the light is actually turning on and off properly, Hubitat is just not listing the status correctly which is interfering with other rule actions.

I'm sorry, I'm not understanding you. You have pulled out such a small snipet of the logs that it's impossible to see what you're talking about. You have to show the logs for the whole event. Door opening , door closing, then 5 mins later. All in one screenshot. Please provide the complete logs.

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