Simple lighting and door lock

I'm running into an issue as I'm rebuilding my rule
When door unlocks between 4pm-5am turn on lights and turn off lights after 3 minute delay. I did this back in Rule 2.0. My hub is on the latest so while trying to troubleshoot my door lock, paired my door lock again and that's working, but when I went to rebuild my rule. I don't see the option to select a time frame I can only put the time to start but no time to end.

I then figured ok, I'll add it under simple lighting, but when I add it under there. there's no option to turn off after a delay when using Locks, I see the delay if I select motion.

Been working on this for 2 hrs and reading through the community and FB and I haven't found a solution.


Since you appear to be familiar with older versions of RM, I'd recommend reading the 4.0 docs for how you can convert older ways of thinking into 4.0 rules: [Released] Rule 4.0

You probably don't really want that many triggers. Triggers (and only triggers, or getting called by another rule) cause your rule actions to run. So you probably don't really want to trigger your rule at 4:00 but rather on the door lock changing or at least unlocking. In your actions, you can use IFs to do different things (including nothing) depending on the time. Also, triggers are events--momentary, durationless, and having no truth value. If you find yourself wanting something like that, you're probably looking to use a conditional (IF) somewhere in your actions instead.

Here's a simple example that will turn on the lights for 3 minutes after the door is unlocked between 4 PM and 5 AM (and reset that timer if it's locked and unlocked again during that countdown):

Trigger: Front Door lock unlocked


Cancel Delayed Actions
IF (Time is between 4 PM and 5 AM) THEN
  On: Front Door Light
  Delay 0:03:00 (cancelable)
  Off: Front Door Light