Simple Lighting - After this number of minutes

Is it possible to set the off to less than a 1 minute under the After this number of minutes section of Simple Lighting?

I was unable to get this to work in SL - i was going to try Rule Machine for a shot - but then WebCoRE was made available for Hubitat ... you may want to take a look at it as an option :slight_smile:

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I've read the NAS instructions about 5 times, not sure I can implement that. :disappointed: But, it's awesome that it's available.

I have docker running on a Snyology for an NVR, but I get really lost the further down I go in the setup instructions for Webcore.


Rule Machine supports delays in seconds, Simple Lighting does not (otherwise it stops being "simple").



@bravenel, what would I set if I wanted a particular light to go off after 5 seconds? I have a Hue Bloom I used to use with Webcore to show me who opened their door. If door 1 opens, turn light on white for 5 seconds, then back off. If door 2 opens, turn light blue for 5 seconds, then back off. The same scenario for door 3. The default state of the light is off. I tried to set up a rule in RM, but the delay rule only delays the light coming on by 5 seconds, then it just stays on.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

You can set multiple actions in a rule to act on the same device. So you could set the light to turn on immediately when triggered, and also turn off with a delay. Like this:

Although one webcore piston could do this for all your lights, you’d need one trigger per light in rule machine. And in your case you’d want the “turn on” action to also change the color (but I don’t have any color changing bulbs so couldn’t demonstrate that in my example above).

Where do I go to set the Delayed Off? I don't see it as an option in the sub menus. When I check Delay Actions, it is not there.

It's under Switch actions.

Got it, thanks. I wish the option to pick what color to come on was there as a sub menu, when you choose a color bulb as a switch. I chose the color under the Control bulb menu, but you can see a quick color transition that way, instead of it coming on to my specified color immediately.

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