Simple light switch automation

In each of my bedrooms I have a smart switch installed and a smart bulb in a lamp, the Lamp is always ON. I want the smart with to turn on the bulb when pushed and turn off the bulb when pushed. But, I am having trouble figuring out how to set up this simplistic of automations, because in Hubitat smart automations, it gives me the ability to put

What do you want to do with the switch (it has Turn on/off) but when I go to the bulb it has one option for turn on and a completely different option for turn off.

Am I missing something?

Is your smart switch wired in? Does it physically turn on and off electricity to the smart bulb? What sorts of switch and bulb are they (brand, model etc)

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It is wired to the wall and replaces my regular light switch, when pushed it sends (or should) back to the hub. And tells the the bulb to turn on.

Like this “simple automation”

Does it really matter what the brand is, I’m questioning the Hubitat Automation set up, once I get the wording down on the automation and have the automation set to do what I want it to do, Then I’ll worry about the brand,

Like @Inge_Jones is asking, the brand / model can impact how the devices interact with Hubitat (or any other platform). The importance of whether the switch on your wall is wired or Zigbee / Zwave / Wifi or if it turns power to the bulb on/off is important because when setting up your automation, if the switch controls power to the bulb, you would consider the bulb to be "dumb" and all the logic in the rule will act on the switch, turning it on, which in turn provides power to the bulb. If you're switch is "smart" and communicates back to HE when pressed, relying on your rule to then talk to a smart bulb, where the bulb should always have power provided, HE is then responsible for telling the bulb to turn on. In the first example, communications to and from the switch are important, but the bulb does not matter. In the second example comm's with both the switch and bulb are important.

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I just wanted to get a full understanding of how the devices operate. If you have a smart bulb you don't really want to be operating it via the switch at all - if it's a power breaking switch. Had it been something like a battery operated scene controller that's a different matter


A couple of screenshots of what you have tried to setup in HE may also help.


Sorry to flood the thread, but in addition to knowing the brand / model of the devices, it would also help to know the drivers being used for the devices. To find that out, if you open the Device Edit page for the switch and separately for the bulb, you can look under the Device Information section, noting the Type value, e.g.:

I understand why you guys are asking for the build and switch brand. But, I didn’t want to get pushed off to another thread once it was found out that I am using Kasa/TPLINK. Because, I don’t think the brand has anything to do with the Wording of the Hubitat Automations. I think the brand will only be an issue if I can nail down the automation the way I want and it doesn’t work.

I do believe I have figured it out, and when I push the switch in my dashboard I can see the light come on in the dashboard. I will have to wait until I get home to see if it is “phyiscally” working

We wouldn't want to pass you on or dismiss your question for any mischievous or underhand reason. The only reason I would direct you onto the Kasa thread is to get the top-notch support from Dave that I have enjoyed for what feels like 3 years now, plus others like me who also chime in with help like we are doing here. So don't worry about people messing you around here, as long as you take peoples advice as trying to help you get to a solution, you'll get what you need 99% of the time.

If you are using those devices / drivers, it could be the way the drivers have been written, but I'd have to take a look and Dave could answer that quicker / better than me.

Also, glad to hear you may have worked it out...

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Thank you, I’m at work remotely accessing my hub, if it is not working right when I get home tonight I will reach out to Dave. I do have the integration installed and they are working correctly, It is the automations I’m having trouble with, so I will reach out to Dave it they are not working when I get home.

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Ok, I understand now. I don't have any of the switches or bulbs myself, only the smart plugs. It's not that you can't post separately or ask the Community more generally, don't feel constrained to only post on the Kasa thread, that's not where I was heading with my comment, only to not see someone directing you there as "fobbing you off" or shirking responsibility. Most people here are more than happy to help.

I'm tempted to explain the concept of capabilities and custom commands in drivers, but I might leave that for another day.

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One of the things we try to do here (Just to keep things neat) is if there is a question about working with lets say a driver or integration that has a thread already (such as it's release thread) we usually recommend that people post in that thread because each message posted flags the author... It's a good way to get the best help. That said as I too like @sburke781 am unfamiliar with these switches. #1: is the switch controlling the outlet that the lamp is connected to or is it controlling something else all together? #2: Can the switch act like a button controller?

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The SmartThings screenshot you shared, looks like this in Hubitat, using the Basic Rules app:


Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for, Just have to have two one to turn on and one to turn off which is completely fine with me

No need to create two rules. You can build your rule in less than 30 seconds for both on and off. Here is how:


First time I've seen that offered in an answer, very helpful.


Also I wonder if the built-in Mirror app would help.

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Is toggle not an option in button controler

Yes it is