Simple light rule does not execute [RESOLVED]

Hi, (new user here, moved from Wink last week). I have been slowly getting to know Hubitat and as part of the setup I created a Simple Lighting rule:

Turn ON light named "Outside" 30 minutes after sunset (this work well and every day)
Turn OFF light named Outside at 10 PM (22:00) - this never happens

I looked at the logs and there is nothing there - I can control Outside from the Dashboard and since the turning ON works fine I don't think it's the connection. I tried to delete and create a new rule with the same (failed) results.

Any tips on what I could be doing wrong please? Seems dead simple... :frowning:

Actually, Simple Lighting (which was renamed Simple Automation Rules in the most recent platform update, v. 2.2.0) is not able to combine sunrise/sunset and specific time into one rule.

If you turn a light on at sunset, you are presented only with the option to turn off at sunrise. If you turn on at a specific time, you can only turn off at a specific time.

I'm not sure why OP's 2nd simple lighting automation isn't turning the light off though. @tomasv can you post the rest of the automation's settings page? Just to confirm there's no restrictions in place that's keeping it from running, or something like that?

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Thanks but that is not the scenario I need. If I would do it that way, the time the lights stays on is constant. I want to save energy as I don't need lights past 10 PM. In the winter sunset is 5PM - thus the pathway and stair lights are on for 5 hours. In the summer when sunset is 9PM, the lights will only stay on for 1 hour instead of 5....

Hi Mark, there is nothing else - no other settings (yet) created

Got it - I misunderstood, sorry about that and thank you!

No problem - so now onto hunting the problem - any idea where to look for the failure or what else I could try, please?

Is sunset + 30 minutes before or after 10 PM. If your timezone is set incorrectly and if it's the right time of year those two events can swap order.

I have verified that - correct location and Sunset happens around 9PM. The lights do get turned ON, but never go off

Did you change the timezone after the turn off app instance was created? It may be worth creating a duplicate to see if it fires. And don't set it up for 10 PM. Just set it up for 5 minutes from now.

No restrictions have been set

OK, for all of those that run into the same issue:

I have purchased a 2nd HE for another house and upgraded it to 2.2.0 first. I added few of the zwave switches and tried to setup the same rule. It works fine.

So back to the original hub, removed all of the zwave devices (painful as there were 10+ at the point), upgrade and start adding. Seems to be working fine now.

Thanks all for your help!