Simple "Is it Running" Zigbee Sensor

Searching for soultion to deterine if my attic fan was actually running I came up with this...

Hall effect sensor with onboard NO relay tied to an xfinity door contact switch with Zigbee interface.
Basically soldered some flying leads on to the glass relay switch one on each end and routed them to the NO relay on the sensor.
Now when power flows through the sensor it closes its relay cusing the door sensor to report closed and in sharptools rules engine through hubitat virtual switch I convert that singal to ON/OFF.
About 30 bucks in parts so cheaper than the Zooz Zen17 2 channel sensing relay unit.
The con is I did not convert the door contact to external power supply so going to have to climb up in the attic to replace when its time but, should do routine attic inspections anyway right?
Bonus, temp reading of attic space!
Here is a snipe of my Attic Dash Board with fan status, battery and temp.

I think shopping a little harder may even get the cost of parts down further.
Enjoyed the challenge and satifiying to create it from what ever I had laying around.
Rick H...


Thanks for sharing!

Great solution.

My attic fan unfortunately provides audio confirmation that it's running.

So this is just measuring that the motor is drawing power, not that it is actually turning?

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