Simple enough, so I thought

This very simple RM Rule is supposed to text me when the light gets turned on and again when the light goes off

I get the text when the light goes on, never when the light goes out, except when I open the rule and save it, then I get a text cuz the light is off

What am I missing?


Are you sure the light is reporting Off? Check in device details after it turns off, see if its state is updated.

Yes, every time


This is very odd, as it should work. I will see if I can reproduce it.

I set up an identical rule, and it works every time as expected.

Hmm so what do you suggest?


You are aware there’s a 10 texts per day limit, right? Just making sure. Have you tried deleting and recreating the rule? Might be a glitch somewhere.

Switch to Pushover for notifications, not SMS. RM can do that. Driver published here in the community, soon to be built-in to Hubitat (next release).

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I know it’s not a text limit or I wouldn’t be getting them when the light turns on, which I do

Time to redo it and see how it goes


After a rebuild of the rule, it’s now working for both light on and light off. Not sure what was going on but thanks for the support


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