Simple email notifications - is it possible?

hi there, maybe I've just done a bad job reading around existing topics but I'm really missing a built in app (or I just don't know if any exist) what can send email based on an event. There's notifications but that requires a "notification device" not sure that can be or cannot be a virtual device which points to an SMTP server (configured to authenticate let's say against to send emails?!


Hubitat has no built-in email functionality. You didn't miss anything. There are some community developed solutions, though.

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I haven't used this feature on Hubitat, but webCoRE (technically built-in now, but still community developed) might have a way to do it still through their servers?

EDI: yep, works. Not the simplest solution, but I suppose also not the most complex. :slight_smile:


This is what you need to install. Just follow the detailed instructions to configure. Works great.

[[RELEASE] Google Calendar, Task, Reminder, and Gmail Search and Gmail Notification Device]


Personally I don't see a reason to email when regular oauth notifications work just fine....

Works for me. Free for under 100 emails a day.


...this functionality comes up time and time again simply because it has LONG been a lowest-common-denomitator means of a system performing a job to communicate about some status, event, condition, or change.

Been there forever on lots of things...even expensive Axis camera systems that, ...while having servers handling events, independent http communication capability, and more recently notifications to phone Apps..., STILL TODAY you can send a secure email from one of their cameras.

People know how to set this up... and often take messages from devices on other things besides a phone App.

Many know this ....but many think folks need to "get over expecting email capability to be onboard" next gen systems. I'm not so sure it's unreasonable to expect it.


@IrisetH - there are multiple benefits to installing/setting up this community integration. The setup process is a bit of a process, but it provides you the ability to set up actions & notifications from Google calendar entries, as well as send emails (and via your ISP's email>text gateway) texts. It's a potent combination.


Maybe I don't know what you're asking, but this community app has been great for me for notifications for quite a while now:


sorry but what do you mean by that? What does oauth have to do with event notification integration? not sure I get you.

thanks @fritz

I wonder if it will ever be added to "built in apps" As its community developed, assume not. My only concern is that it may break after a hubitat sw upgrade. Its not a big deal, I will not get mails. just wonder if at some stage it may go to mainline.

While I strongly wish HE offered email notifications as a built-in service, I can understand corporate's reluctance to include it (not just for cost/upkeep reasons, but the risks of having the service fail due to blacklisting, outages, etc.). The community apps listed above should suffice for most users.

I love that we can easily connect to outboard utilities like Multi-System Reactor™ or NodeRed to generate email notifications...

...but the ability to send emails not just to ourselves but to other members of my household as well – not simply via 'Notifications' nor necessarily on GMail – directly from RM would be truly helpful.

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