Simple dimming of group of lights

I feel like I'm missing something. I have 8 bulbs in a group. I have a zooz zen34 remote button. I'd like to be able to increase the brightness when holding on the top paddle and decrease when holding on the bottom. It feels like this would be a common desire and there should be a simple way to just make this work?

I did try to use the button controller app along with "start raising" and "stop changing" for button held and released. However, it seems that this action doesn't work with groups (I recall reading so in my travels, trying to figure this out). So I tried applying this to all the individual bulbs instead of the group. But then I think there is confusion between setting levels of bulbs vs setting the group and things get weird.

So am I missing something? Seems there is probably an easy way to do what I want. But, I'd be happy to settle for not easy but at least works. :smile:

Thanks for any ideas!


An option would be using the following app. The bulbs have to be used individually and not the group for it to work for dimming. I’ve used it and have been quite happy with it.

Thanks so much for the pointer! I gave it a shot, and unfortunately it doesn't work so well for me. When I control the lights directly via Hubitat (i.e. web or app interface) I can on/off/dim everything just fine when talking to the group. And in this case the lights all work reliably and don't exhibit the popcorn effect. However, it seems if I have to control each light individually (like in this app or others, I suppose anything that does start/stop dimming) then I lose sync or reliability.

Maybe this sort of thing works more reliably with Hue bulbs?

I can see that there would be some popcorning effect… With the same driver, you can also set it to go up/down by a certain % with every button press. That might be an option with the group, but you lose the ability to keep the button pressed…