Simple bulb control fails (hue)

Hi there,

I am totally new to hubitat.

I am trying just to get a hue bulb under control - seems like I am missing something.

No matter how i include the device (as a hue bulb or just a zigbee device) - I only get a very short list of available commands - like (configure, delete all child devices.. ... .. get info)

Nothing like on/off dim or anything like that - so the bulb is found but is useless.

What am I missing??

Hope someone can help me a little here :slight_smile:


Are you trying to pair the hue bulb directly to HE or are you pairing the bulb to a Hue hub and using the built-in integration app? If the former what are you using as a driver?

Generally folks keep Zigbee bulbs on a separate zigbee network since they are notoriously bad repeaters when used in combination with ZHA sensors. I have maybe 20 of them on a Hue hub and use the built-in integration as well as the community-based CocoHue app. Both work fine.

It sounds like the driver just isn't being correctly detected. If you change the driver (the "Type" dropdown on the device detail page) to either "Generic Zigbee RGBW Light" or "Advanced Zigbee RGBW Bulb" (or a similar driver matching its actual capabilities if yours isn't a White and Color Ambiance model), then run the "Configure" command after saving, that should be the one you want -- assuming you're trying to add the bulb directly to Hubitat as a regular Zigbee device.

(How you use the Add Device page doesn't affect what driver ultimately gets chosen--i.e., the result will be the same whether you use the menus to navigate to a Hue bulb or just do a manual Zigbee pairing. Your bulb is apparently providing a finger print that isn't a match for any built-in driver. There's a way to get that if you feel like helping out and providing that so they can add it, otherwise the above should work.)

But also note the general caution above about Zigbee bulbs. Many people use a Hue Bridge or a separate Hubitat hub for this reason. See the "Tips..." section in this document for more: How to Build a Solid Zigbee Mesh | Hubitat Documentation

Hi there - that did it :slight_smile: - thanks

I was assuming the the device driver was choosen when pairing - and non configureable. I have been using homeseer and conbee - so this is a little different.

Seems my hue bulb is an old one never updated - so a Generic Zigbee Bulb driver works nicely.

Thanks for the hint on zigbee bulbs - I will have to check up on this. I am planning on using lots of different zigbee devices (motion detectors, buttons, door sensors, heat controllers and more)

The hub does make an attempt to choose the right driver based on the signature of the device. It's usually spot on for common devices. Not quite sure why it misfired on yours but all is well.

As @brad5 mentions, the default selection is typically correct, but it can whiff occasionally.

And sometimes, there's simply an even better choice that could be made (community driver etc).

Anyway, it is something I always double-check whenever I add a new device.

Welcome to Hubitat!

Glad you got it working and welcome to Hubitat! Take a look at the link below and pay attention to the not about ZLL Zigbee bulbs. The post in itself will help you get through some of the gotchas. I may add a not about driver selection to it as well.

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